Pizza Hut

February 14, 2010

There wasn’t much to do today in Fortaleza. We went to Shopping Iguatemi, which bears very little resemblance to the elegant mall in Sao Paulo. The stores were closed so we went to the movie theater there. It was packed–lines for tickets snaking around the waiting area. We saw the new Mel Gibson movie, which was entertaining enough. We came back and had to switch rooms because our air conditioner was leaking, a lot (Nossa air condicionario esta chuvendo!). Our new room is a little brighter and nicer ( we’re staying in the weird business part of a regular Brazilian hotel. The two hotels have the same name and same entrance, but two reception desks.) but the Internet doesn’t work, whick kind if stinks. I went for a run and Scott tried to find us another room that had Internet, to no avail.

The highlight of our night was dinner. We just waited for twenty minutes for a table at the very clean, big Pizza Hut next to our hotel. I have to say that given our other options up here, it was delicious.


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