Tam Hero

February 13, 2010

We just arrived in Fortaleza, and it feels like a victory in decision-making.  We were only charged for the one night that we stayed in Cumbuco (they could have easily enforced their cancellation policy and didn’t, since we booked for four nights), and our hotel in Fortaleza is super cheap and clean, if pretty spare.  We also figured out the rest of our trip yesterday, which required changing our flights a little bit (it seems worth giving a shout out to the guy at the internet cafe in Cumbuco who lent us an electrical adaptor for the night since there was no where in town to buy one and the hotel didn’t have any–he was the clear MVP of the last 24 hours).  From Cumbuco we went back to the Fortaleza airport to sort out a rental car to drive to Jericoacoara, and we tried at the Tam counter to switch our flights.  They were no help.  We felt a little defeated.  Now at our hotel, with functional internet, I just spoke to someone at Tam that, as Scott just said, should be running Brazil.  It felt like the most successful transaction I’ve had in months.  His English was flawless (hard to come by up here in the Northeast, we’ve been getting by almost totally in Portuguese), and he managed to make all of the changes we needed, with a negligible change fee.  It was unreal.  He even emailed me the itinerary while we were on the phone so I could check it over.  That kind of efficiency almost never happens here.  It was unreal.

So we’re here in Fortaleza for Carnival until Tuesday, and then we’re driving to Jericoacoara (if you haven’t yet, you should google images it), then we’re flying to Salvador, spending a night there, then going to Morro de Sao Paulo, a two hour boat ride from Salvador, and then heading to Belo Horizonte to visit Marjory and Eduardo and then back to Sao Paulo.  Phew.


One Response to “Tam Hero”

  1. tim said

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    enjoy your trip,

    – tim

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