Dos Girassois

February 8, 2010

Driving into Pipa, we both had pretty strong visceral reactions.  It was exciting to be tracing back through the sugar cane fields of the northeast, and I think a little surreal to make that turn at Goianinha to head to Pipa.  It seemed almost impossible, pulling into town, that this place that’s been so special, so magical in our memories still exists.  It’s more crowded now, than it was in August a year and a half ago.  The streets are more full, there are more people, more cars trying to squeeze past one another on the cobbled road, but the beach, and Dos Girassois, is just as spectacular (and the best pousada deal around).

We had a quick lunch in town and then walked on the beach past all of the plastic table restaurants, to a group of dark tanned me playing soccer in the surf, and along the water to the end of Praia do Amor.  It’s really insanely perfect.  Hopefully I’ll have pictures to post tomorrow.


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