Speaking Portuguese

February 6, 2010

I feel ready for our trip to the north.  I feel armed with a more comfortable handle of Portuguese.  Somehow, in the last few days of staying with Paulo and Edite and visiting with all of the cousins, I have become less shy, less afraid to speak.  I still feel mostly inarticulate, like a child, and stumble over the pronunciation all the time.  I’m sure my conjugation is way off more than I know, but I feel more at ease.  I think because we’re going back to one of the first places I went to in Brazil– Pipa– it feels like an accomplishment, a way to measure our progress.  Scott and I were talking earlier about how we tried to speak Spanish with the receptionist at Pousada Dos Girassois last year because we didn’t speak Portuguese and he didn’t speak any English.  This time communication will be so much smoother.  We’re ready now, we’ve studied, and returned.


One Response to “Speaking Portuguese”

  1. Barbara said

    Go safely and have fun!

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