February 4, 2010

I had sort of a visceral reaction pulling out our big blue duffel bags again.  Looking at one of them slack and empty next to my closet in the flat, I couldn’t believe that we were really packing up again, another time.  We’ve loaded and unloaded those bags so much over the last year, really.  Scott and I moved in together at the end of last February, packing up our respective apartments and setting up Downing Street, thinking we would be there for a while.  In June we packed it up again (I think I blogged about it at the time, but our move out was insane, and included the super turning the elevator off on us).  We moved here, we lived in a hotel for a week, then moved to our apartment in Rio, then packed it back up again two months ago, stayed at Karen’s for a couple of days, then moved to the flat in Itaim Bibi and now we’re all packed up again and at Paulo and Edite’s.  That’s not counting the travel in the middle–the small trips around Brazil ourselves, our big trips around Brazil with our families, and October, where we went from Rio to Buenos Aires to New York/Philadelphia and Israel and had to take things for a wedding, a marathon, another black tie event, and clothes for business meetings.  It’s been a lot of packing an unpacking.  We’ll see what happens after we get back from traveling this time, how intact our bags can stay.

While I really am excited to travel right now, for a change of scenery, to get out of our little flat, I’m getting ready to settle somewhere for a while, to unpack for real, to have our furniture back and have a space that’s ours.


One Response to “Packing”

  1. Carina said

    Enjoy the nomadic life when you can! You will miss that life when you lose it. This is a human problem: we always want what we do not have, or worst what we lost. It is call the problem of human desire.

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