January 22, 2010

The gym I joined here required that I get a physical. I thought it was odd, and especially weird after I’ve already been a member for a month, but they wouldn’t let me keep working out without it, so I didn’t have much of a choice.  This morning I went down and was led to a back room past all of the cardio equipment with a very nice woman named Alessandra.  She told me to have a seat, and she asked me in Portuguese about my medical history and my family’s medical history. Then we started going through the normal measurements–height, weight, blood pressure.  She looked at my posture and then came at me with giant calipers and pinched the back of my arm, my stomach, my legs, measuring body fat. It was the first time I’ve ever had a body fat analysis and it was bizarre to do it in this room, in another language, in measurements that I only sort of understand (centimeters and kilograms).  She had me get on a bicycle and she tested my heart rate and blood pressure at different levels of exertion. She asked me how much I work out and what I do.

Afterward she did a full analysis and printed out a twenty page report (her printer squeaked and sputtered the whole time, and half way through she had to change the ink and go searching for more paper) and showed me some pictures of the food pyramid.  She asked me where I was from and told me that a lot of Americans ate too much fat, which I resented (Brazilians eat a lot of fatty foods, too, and I don’t think I eat like a typical American).  She recommended I make an appointment with a trainer to add some weight lifting exercises to my running (which I still do all the time).  It was kind of wild.


One Response to “Physical”

  1. Elena said

    Hi there 🙂 I stumbled upon your blog a little while ago and have been enjoying reading your posts 🙂
    Wow, that is so wild that they made you get a physical! And the whole body fat analasis would have freaked me out a bit! So if someone is overweight and wants to join a gym there, are the going to be put on some sort of strict diet and excersize program? haha, interesting…

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