Close to Home

January 17, 2010

I feel guilty that I haven’t posted more, that there haven’t been more adventures in the world of Brooke and Scott.  The truth is that we’ve spent most of the past week somewhere between our little flat and the courtyard downstairs.  It’s been peppered in with a few trips to Pao de Acucar for groceries, dinner at Paulo and Edite’s on Friday, and a nice dinner at a tapas restaurant last night, and, of course, running.  I’ve been working on economics and writing this, gulp, book, and Scott’s been consuming securities law at a rapid clip.

Oh, and I also went on a quick shopping jaunt yesterday to Shopping Iguatemi, since everything is on sale right now.  I find shopping here really intimidating.  In the US, you can go into a store, pull things off the rack in your size, try them on, and either buy them or not.  It’s a different process here.  The salespeople are a much more active part of your shopping experience.  They greet you when you come in, and if you want to try anything on, you show them the item and they go grab it in your size.  They’re involved.  Also, while Brazilian clothes are amazing and the women here look wonderful–hip, breezy, stylish (see the Sartorialist)–they’re often drape-y and difficult to tell what they would look like on.  They also need each piece–the right shoes, the right belt, the right jewelry, something I’m not that good at.  So, needless to say, shopping was not successful.  I need someone to come with me, to put me together, to show me how to do it and talk to the salesgirls who are usually so beautiful and modelesque I become shy.  Any volunteers?


8 Responses to “Close to Home”

  1. Giovanna said


  2. Karen said

    Eu também quero ajudar

  3. meninanorio said

    You, me and Gi can all go together : )

  4. Edite said

    And what about me?

  5. Edite said

    I thin Elen is a very good
    Shopping Trainer. Try.

  6. Carina said

    I want to be in the trip too! I was yesterday doing shopping too! I went to the new Villa Olimpia, and completely agree with the cultural-shock diferences in shopping. I was lucky to find a dress, but let me tell you that I needed a course first in how to get inside the dress (two layers, not easy your find your way in!). Please let me know when are you going to shopping.I love the Venga tapas restaurant in Rio and want to find the same kind in SP, where you when for tapas?

  7. elen said

    Brooke, of course I go with you. Love, Elen.

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