Sao Bento

January 11, 2010

Scott and I are sitting in Vila Madelena at Sao Bento.  I’m writing, he’s reading.  We’ve gotten to the point where we need a change of pace from our courtyard, a change of scenery.  We happen to be sitting next to a table of the most bizarre looking girls.  They’re all close to six feet tall, with limbs no more than three or four inches in diameter.  They’re more bug-like than model-esque, however, and watching them eat feels weird, like there’s just no where for the food to go.  They also, all three, hold their forks totally differently than we do.  It looks awkward.  None of them are talking, their hair is long and straight, their eyes are droopy.  None of them smile.

Scott also just lost his soda to a bumble bee that flew in the can.  Damn bee.


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