The Day to Wait For

January 9, 2010

We’re sitting here watching American football on Brazilian ESPN with Portuguese-speaking commentators.  It’s kind of wild.  It’s also kind of like how our lives have been the past week, a little bit, if that makes any sense.  We’ve had sort of a frustrating week.  We thought when we came back from all of our holiday travels to Rio and to the Amazon (see the earlier posts, Scott’s pictures are incredible) things would pick up.  Today something shifted.

We went for a walk through Ibirapuera and the sun shone.  We had a nice lunch (I made a foray into carpaccio) and then went for a run in a new area. It was cool to see the different neighborhoods–the nearly suburban streets and well kept houses.  Every once in a while you could even peer beyond the walls and bars and gates.  It’s so interesting how everything is under lock and key here, secreted away.  It makes it feel like there’s a lot to discover.  It started pouring on us two thirds of the way through–a tropical thunderstorm with rolling thunder and epileptic lightening.

It was kind of cleansing, to be wet and running in the rain.

Anyway, without going into it, I think we realized that everything is going to be okay.


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