Birthday Wishes and Bibliotecas

January 9, 2010

After a wonderful shabbat dinner at Paulo and Edite’s last night, where we all got to catch up and share stories from our holiday travels, Elen and Ricardo took us to meet Ricardo’s mother.  It was her seventieth birthday and she had some people over for dessert and champagne.

Their apartment was extraordinary–a huge cavernous space filled with more fascinating, beautiful art than I had ever seen in one person’s home.  Her library was particularly incredible and rendered me speechless. She had full wall to ceiling shelves filled two rows deep with books–normal volumes– novels and Jewish tomes, exquisite art books, all in a variety of languages.  Her furniture, too, was graceful and stylish in deep woods and clean lines.  It’s a home that should be featured in Architectural Digest.  The company, like the art and the space, was warm and complex.  Ricardo’s uncle was there, an aunt on his father’s side, some very old friends and the family doctor.  Scott and I had not expected this twist in the evening and it was fascinating.


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