Nannies in White

January 7, 2010

I’m sitting in our courtyard doing some roof gardens work, but I keep getting distracted by the scene in front of me.  There’s a woman, thin, lithe, wearing very stylish white shorts and a gray tank top, silver flats, she looks great, poised, relaxed.  At the table with her are two nannies both dressed totally in white, both in their mid forties, I would say.  There’s also a set of adorable twins, which I would guess to be about a year old.  The mother occasionally laughs and giggles with the babies, but mostly she is drinking coffee.  The nannies are eating fruit and yogurt, and small cakes, and are mostly keeping an eye on the little guys. None of the adults interact with each other, really.  It some ways it looks like a lovely, stress-free way to have a family.  It’s also a little confusing, like there’s a detachment between the mom and her kids, a lack of instinct. It seems like the mom wouldn’t have a clue what’s in the diaper bag, or which toys the little boys actually like.  Really interesting.


2 Responses to “Nannies in White”

  1. Carina said

    I agree with you and the vision of the picture. I also saw the same scene in the malls. The nannies with everything (kids and bags) and the beautiful-model-like mom walking in front of the picture completely detached to the rest.

  2. Carina said

    The worst that I saw: nannies in the beach, in the hot weather, in white, and everybody else in swimming suits in the water!

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