Mark Bittman, You’re My Hero

January 6, 2010

We had sort of an up and down day.  My coffee date was great and I felt like there was some promise, some optimism.  I spent a huge part of the day researching online economics courses that I can take while I’m here to get ready for grad school, and then had a very disappointing, dehydrated run.  The saving grace?  Mark Bittman’s dal recipe from today’s New York Times. We just made it, and it was super easy, really cheap, and extremely delicious.  For me, it was a nostalgic experience, the aroma reminding me of my summer in Nepal, where we ate dal baht twice daily.  It tasted exactly right–complex, gingery, with some garlic and depth.  Scott said he had a party in his mouth.  It also made me realize how bland a lot of Brazilian food is (sorry Brazilians who read this).  They’re good at very salty and very sweet, but I hadn’t had these flavors in a long time.


One Response to “Mark Bittman, You’re My Hero”

  1. Edite said

    Vc fez esse prato? Onde comprou as dried red lentils?
    vou tentar fazer. bjks. Edite missing you.

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