Amazon to Enwa

January 2, 2010

We just saw Avatar.  I sort of went into it not expecting much–I hadn’t read any reviews and I didn’t know the story, I just knew the technology was supposed to be amazing. It was incredible.  A natural skeptic of sci-fi, I was totally won over.  The scenario and Avatar world was fully created and my disbelief was fully suspended for all three hours.

I know this is overwrought, but it was interesting to see this movie just coming out of the Amazon–where there is sort of a terrestrial version of the Avatar world, where the earth is the lifeblood of everything, and it’s still all connected in a largely unbroken web.  The people who live in the jungle know every cricket chirp and leaf rustle.  It’s not animated, but it feels almost as pristine.


One Response to “Amazon to Enwa”

  1. david said

    Interesting to hear your feelings in connection with the real Amazon… Glad to know it’s still there.
    I loved the movie. Felt like I was watching a visual representation of my soul’s dream.

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