January 1, 2010

From Rio we went to Manaus.  At 1am, after missing the guy who was supposed to pick us up from the airport, we walked into the lobby of the Tropical Manuas, the city’s premiere hotel, at 1am.  It was dirty.  In the bar area, a full ash tray had upturned and the water and cigarette butts had splayed across the floor.  It took the person at the desk an hour to check us in, for no reason, except that every action was in slow motion.  It was incredible.  We walked down the long, erie hallways to our rooms, in the basement.  It was something out of the shining.  The hotel was built in the 1950s and it hadn’t been updated since then.  The carpets were original, as was the transistor radio in the night table.  The beds and bathrooms were disgusting.  Exhausted, I put on leggings, socks, and a hooded sweater and climbed into the bed.  Scott and I lay awake for a long time, unable to sleep.  I guess eventually we did, and at six thirty in the morning, bleary we made our way to the breakfast.  A little while after we boarded a boat and went into the Amazon.


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