December 20, 2009

Scott’s sister Emily arrived on Friday and we’ve been taking to the town, which hasn’t lent itself to blog writing.  In a quick recap, we had a wonderful Shabbat dinner at Paulo and Edite’s on Friday night.  We went out, first to Consolação, to Bar Leblon for caiparinhas, and then to Astronette.  Astronette was a small hipster bar, that feels like a bar on 11th Street that we used to go, or any hipster bar in Williamsburg. It was a kind of oldies night, and the red-lit back room was packed people rocking out to the Beach Boys. There was a tattooed girl with a strapless leopard dress and jellies swinging with her Converse-wearing boyfriend, and groups of friends doing the twist.  It was extremely entertaining.  From there we went to Sub Astor, on the edge of Vila Madalena.

We spent yesterday at Karen and Andre’s house in Atibaia, an hour north of Sao Paulo, breathing in fresh air, lounging by the pool, eating a delicious lunch.  It was really spectacular.

Today was a roam around the Centro–the Mercado Municipal, followed by the Praca de Luz and both Pinacoteca museums.  We strolled around the park and then went over to the Praca de Se and spent a few minutes in Liberdade.


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