December 16, 2009

I accidently went running in a thunderstorm today.  It had been sunny for most of the day and I spent a lot of the afternoon writing (I’m back to fiction– maybe I’ll post some of it if I feel confident enough) outside and it was pretty.  So I came in, changed and set back out to go for a run and in a way that happens in Sao Paulo, super dark clouds crowded the sky.  They get to a shade of grayish blue that they don’t really get to in New York.  I imagine Crayola would call it Great Blue Whale or something if they had to name the hue.

At my turn around, because that’s always the way, right? When you’re farthest away from where you started, the drizzle started.  Fattish drops coming down slow.  Then the lightening.  It was epileptic lightening, without bolts, the sky just shuddered in bright bits and then the thunder rolled in. When it really started raining, I booked it, but also noticed that the rain made Ibirapuera’s eucalyptus smell so much more pungent.  Gotta say, it was pretty refreshing.  I should also mention that I now love my Vibrams.


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