Tuesday Fruit Market

December 15, 2009

Just before settling in to do urban agriculture research in our little outdoor mall where there’s a movie theater, a book store, an upscale food court and free wifi (and today sunshine), I wandered through the fruit market set up in the shadow of our building.  On the small side street running along the Staybridge Suites, tents popped up and women and maids with rolling carts packed the narrow aisles tasting pieces of mango and smelling lettuces.  Fruit markets are sort of ubiquitous in Brazil, but this seems like such a funny one, given how corporate the area is.  We live in an extended stay hotel and the area is much much more crowded during the lunch hour rush than it is on a Saturday afternoon.  In Rio, the fruit markets seemed like such a natural fit for a city with the jungle creeping in.  The shady residential streets were perfect for perusing juicy fruits.  Here though, in Sao Paulo, there’s so much concrete that such stacks of fresh herbs and electric orange carrots are sort of remarkable and refreshing, if out of place.


One Response to “Tuesday Fruit Market”

  1. Carina said

    You just live right now IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE!!
    I was reading your blog, and what a surprise when I see you living so close! I am sending you my brazilian blog, and maybe we can have a coffee and share experiences:

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