December 14, 2009

I got used to the New York Times Reader, sort of, slowly.  I have to admit that I still often just go to the NYTimes webpage–I’m already on the internet, it’s faster than opening another program, there’s more there.  As I went to go find out what was happening in the world today, I noticed a prompt for the New York Times Skimmer at the top of the page.  After perusing for a few minutes, I think it’s pretty awesome.  It has more content than the reader (it seems) and is a closer experience to reading the paper in print.  My biggest objection to reading the paper online is that it’s too self-selective.  I can read only things that interest me in a way that’s more immediate than when you’re slowly turning the pages of the paper and can browse through articles you might not necessarily be inclined to click on.  I wonder where this new presentation of news will go.  So far I vote for the skimmer.  New York Times, are you going to make me pay for it?


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