Do Meu Jeito

December 14, 2009

Scott and I went to the Nike store today in Pinheiros because I needed new running clothes.  On a small square with two amazing, old viney trees, the shop has a wood facade and looks as sleek and cool from the outside as it does from within.  It was actually too cool for me, since it only had hip Nike stuff, and not really any functional workout clothes.

They did have a terminal with three IMAX sized Macs set up in the middle of the room to design and customize sneakers, with special laser cuts and tags only available in Brazil.  While choosing and perfecting sneakers is kind of a commitment, they also had a bar to design tee shirts, which was super cool, and pretty much a no brainer.  While I browsed through color-blocked and silk screened wind breakers, Scott designed a really cool shirt.  He first picked the color tee shirt he wanted–the front runner was light blue, but gray eventually won out.  Then he could pick from a variety of things to put on his shirt (you can see some of the examples on the wall behind Chris (the guy in the hat who did the actual silk screening.)  Chris thought it was really cool that we were American, living in Sao Paulo and could speak Portuguese decently communicatively.  He was great, and everyone was really excited for this shirt.

Scott spent a while trying different combinations of colors while we chatted with Chris.  The end result was a pretty badass shirt.

From there we wandered around Vila Madelena, walking down streets and sections that we hadn’t explored yet.  I can’t wait to take Emily to all of the boutiques.  There were some Brazilian designers that had incredibly intricate, architectural clothes, and beautiful leather bags, great jewelry–it was way more interesting than going to a mall.  It also felt more like LA’s Silver Lake to me than ever.


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