Fique Vontade

December 9, 2009

We just got back from a lovely dinner at Elen’s house, and we are content, well fed, and very happy.  I think Scott’s cousins have taught me a lot about hospitality, warmth and welcoming.  I’m inspired to be as open and welcoming when I have the chance–when I have more space (since we now have a love seat and a sort of half table with two chairs), and people that I can welcome into my home.  It’s been really incredible of all of them to help us feel comfortable here.  In Portuguese people say fique vontade. I don’t think we have an exact translation in English (like saudades).  It kind of means something like ‘make yourself at home,’ but it’s also broader than that.  Salesclerks will say it in stores if you decline help but say you’re browsing.  It’s an interesting phrase, and really embodies the unbelievable amount of welcoming that Brazilians extend.

I’m also realizing that after a night of switching between English and Portuguese, I speak neither well.  It all gets confused.  Regardless, I can’t wait to repay all of the hospitality and to tell others fique vontade.


2 Responses to “Fique Vontade”

  1. karla said

    Hey Brooke,

    Que post mais fofo! Talvez alguém já tenha te falado, mas caso não, se escreve: à vontade, a expressão. achei que gostaria de saber.
    E boa sorte na sua nova fase, de casa nova em Sampa.

  2. Edite said

    Hi Brooke não pense que você não fala bem o português, fala sim e praticando você chega lá…

    Sua amiga Karla tem razão:ficar à vontade é muito bom e vc pode ficar….à vontade. beijão

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