Rodin, Walker Evans, De Dentro Para Fora

December 8, 2009

We visited MASP today, where they were showing a Walker Evans collection and a Rodin exhibit.  Both were pretty good, but the most striking thing to me was the connection between artists of the early 20th century.  Along with Rodin’s famous bronzes, there were photographs that Edward Steichen took of the artist and his work when Rodin was in his 80s.  I had just read that Steichen had bought some of Paul Child’s photographs for MoMA in Julia Child’s biography.  It’s just amazing that all of these incredibly talented people are all interlinked in history from Rodin to Hemingway to Julia Child and Alice B. Toklas.  It seems as if they all just swung through the same crowds and same delicious places in Paris.  Was it just the time?

The exhibit downstairs at MASP was also super cool, featuring edgy Brazilian artists.  It had a kind of visceral, graffiti-ish energy to it (some of it actually was graffiti, some wasn’t).


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