Julie & Julia

December 6, 2009

I have been trying to see Julie & Julia for months.  I wanted to see it in Rio when it was part of the film festival, and dragged Scott across town after I had fasted all day for Yom Kippur, as it seemed almost as nourishing as actually eating.  It was sold out.  We had pizza.

We finally saw it last night after our day of wandering. I liked it, and I’m not sure whether I felt inspired to cook, or to write, or what.  I think mostly it made me want to turn this collection of blog posts into a book.  We’ll see how my reaction to the movie changes as I continue to process it.  I’m also reading Julia Child’s biography right now, and it’s interesting to compare here experience arriving in France with her husband and figuring out what she’s going to do to my own exploration here. It’s not so different–trying to learn the language, fit in, find a purpose, a project to throw myself into.  Perhaps I too can find inspiration in Julia’s experiences.

Also, Meryl Streep in incredible.


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