Ibirapuera and Futebol

December 6, 2009

I went for a run this morning–something that I was sort of intimidated by since the last time that Scott and I tried in October.  It mostly went really well.  It was sunny today, and warmish but with a breeze and without humidity.  I printed out a map and set off toward Ibirapuera.  It’s important to note that many of the streets in Sao Paulo are short, and they change names inexplicably, and things that make sense when you’re looking at a map are tricky when you’re standing at an intersection and don’t recognize any of the street names.  So with my map in hand I ran to the park past beautiful houses behind gates on leafy streets.  I ran around the side and bottom of the park, where tons of people were heading in for their Sunday runs, walks and bike rides.  I almost made it back flawlessly until I missed on turn and wound up on Nove de Julho by accident and had to navigate back.  A good start.

This afternoon is also the last game of the soccer season.  I think we’re going to head to Vila Madelena to watch the games.


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