Flat Out

December 6, 2009

We found a flat and it took a little while to get our internet up and running, but I’m back in business now.  On Friday we moved into our new place, a little room in the Staybridge Suites in Itaim Bibi.  It’s a studio, with a small divider of closets and a TV on a swivel between the area with a desk, sofa, and kitchenette, and the bedroom part.  It’s cute, and small.  We live above an outdoor mall with restaurants and a movie theater that feels like the Grove in Los Angeles.  It’s sort of funny, but really convenient, and we’re still trying to get a read on the area.  It’s close to where Scott will likely work, and it seems that there are a ton of restaurants and bars around.  We happen to be in the hamburger capital of Sao Paulo, which is also sort of amusing.

This is the view from our little balcony.  Scott took the picture and emailed it to me, expecting me to post it here, and I realized I didn’t right away because it gives me anxiety.  The skyline here is unreal and feels more like a giant Asian city than anything we have in the United States.  I’m trying to get over the anxiousness.


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