December 6, 2009

Scott and I spent the afternoon at Posto 6, a bar in Vila Madelena, watching soccer games.  It was the last day of the Brazilian soccer season, and because of the league’s crazy points system, there are no playoffs and no championship game to determine the champion.  Instead, teams are given points throughout the season–none for a loss, one for a tie, and two for a win.  This afternoon, there were five games that mattered and four games that could affect who won.

The intersection of Rua Aspicuelta and Rua Mourato Coelho is fun, with low key bars on each of the four corners, tables spilling out onto the sidewalks.  The streets have been filled with people our age every time we’ve been there, and today it was particularly buzzy, with eruptions anytime anyone scored.  It was fun to watch, as wins and losses and ties all meant one thing or another, giving different teams a shot at winning.  Flamengo, Brazil’s Yankees, wound up winning–none of the possible upset scenarios played out, but it was definitely fun to be a part of the energy.


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