December 2, 2009

We left Rio, and the six hour drive to Sao Paulo was beautiful.  We’ve now arrived and Scott’s cousins have been unbelievably welcoming and not surprisingly totally, utterly wonderful.   We had a lovely dinner, followed by a flurry of phone calls to friends and colleagues asking if anyone had an extra flat, or a lead on an apartment for the gringo cousins who are visiting.  Andre may have gotten Scott a job, too, all within a couple of minutes.  I feel like the next two weeks of our lives got compressed into a couple of hours.


2 Responses to “Arrived!”

  1. Edite said

    Welcome gringos, estamos felizes por vcs estarem em S.Paulo.
    When may we see you again? Brincadeira. beijos de boas-vindas. Quem sabe decidem ficar aqui?

  2. karen said

    I’m glad you found a nice flat!
    I’m sad you won’t stay longer at my place!
    I’m very happy you’re in SP now!!!!!!

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