Iguazu Falls

November 25, 2009

We spent today scoping out Iguazu Falls from every angle (from the Argentinean side, we see it from Brazil tomorrow).  It’s an immense amount of water.  Really astounding–cascading, crashing, roiling and boiling, flowing in sheets and tons and millions and millions of parts per inch.  The river is a muddy brown, and it’s easy to see that the swiftness of its current and the torrential rain forest rain pick up sediment and carry it down.  After checking out the falls from the top, we took an open jeep eight kilometers through the jungle to a rubber raft that took us into the falls.  Truly into them–we got very wet.  It was amazing to look up (as best we could, shrouded in plastic ponchos, tons of water falling into your eyes).  Our last vantage point was more from the side, and we could climb up and take a look at a few different places.

It truly reminds you how powerful nature is.  Especially when it meant that it canceled the train that we were supposed to take back from the first vantage point and we wound up stuck over an overhang with fifty other tourists, waiting.

Pictures to come when we return to Rio…


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