Bicycling and the Centro

November 23, 2009

Yesterday the four of us rented bicycles and rode the length of Leblon, Ipanema and Copacabana.  It was a super hot day, and the beach was packed, umbrella to umbrella, without a scorching inch of sand to spare.  It was cool to see such a mosaic of colors, and the biking was rewarded by agua de cocos at the Morro do Leme and an ice cream stop at Mil Frutas in Ipanema.  We even managed to ride through the pro-Israel, anti-Ahmadinejad rally.  We couldn’t have planned it better if we tried.

Today we went to the Centro, taking the bonde up to Santa Teresa (sadly, Aprazivel was closed) and walking around Cinelandia.

My dad mentioned that he’s surprised we don’t have more Brazilian friends.  I, too, am surprised, but it seems worth saying that it’s hard here.  We haven’t found an accessible ex-pat community, and we’ve only started recently speaking fluent enough Portuguese that we can talk to strangers.  Our leads–IlRio, Ruthie from Rio–let us down a tiny bit.  We’re going full court press in Sao Paulo.

That said, we had a great night on Friday night, pushing and begging our way into the club at the Copacabana Palace for a brother of a friend of a friend’s birthday.  It was fun to see Rio’s elite, decked out in short skirts and spiky heels sipping drinks in a sparkly room with thumping music.  It was even more fun beforehand when we sat at a plastic-tabled juice bar with some friends (a guy from Penn and our friends who are teachers at the American School) and drank some icy cold beers first.


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