Trying in the Tropics

November 15, 2009

We’ve had sort of a tricky last couple of days here.  It’s been unbelievably hot, and things sort of stopped working for us.  Our kitchen sink won’t drain AT ALL, which was not disastrous until Scott poured a cup of orange pineapple juice in there, which I followed up with a potful of boiling water, in the hopes of unclogging it. Our internet has also been a little sketchy, and we blew our food budget for the week on the amazing dinner we had at Roberta Sudbrack for Scott’s birthday. This lack of budget would be much better if we could cook, but we can’t really, because we can’t wash dishes in our dysfunctional sink. Hopefully we’ll get it fixed tomorrow.

We’re also still figuring out the other stuff–grad school and working, how and when to move to Sao Paulo.  It’ll all work out, I know.  I think there’s just something about 100 degree heat that makes it all a little harder…


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