Yad VaShem

November 8, 2009

I had been to Yad VaShem as a little girl, and only remembered the Children’s Memorial, with the single candle–it’s flame reflected in millions of mirrors.  A brand new museum was constructed on the same hill four or five years ago, that was incredibly well done and I think emotional for all of us.

The new building is submerged in the earth, and looks like a knife slicing through the land.

The path a visitor must take through the museum brings you in and out of every exhibit, through the chronological timeline of the Holocaust.  As Marshall said when we left, it makes you understand why we were forced to go to Hebrew School for all of those years.  It’s so easy to forget, and be flippant about being Jewish, we’re not confronted with the history and the fragility the way previous generations were.  The whole experience of walking through, absorbing this information as an adult, was overwhelming.


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