Pride and Judaism

October 23, 2009

Last night was a magical night for us.  My parents were appreciated for all that they do at the ADL dinner at Capitale.  In glistening candle light everyone lifted them up and articulated so beautifully how special they are.    More importantly, they spoke about how proud they are of one another.  It’s funny that as a kid, you forget how other people see family and friends who are super close to you.

The best thing was that my grandfather, who’s nearly 91 and lives in Florida, tried to send a telegraph of congratulations to my parents.  He called Western Union, but they obviously no longer offer those services, and then he called Comcast, since that’s who provides their phone and cable service, but the woman didn’t even know what a telegraph was.  The story broke my heart, to picture my grandfather trying frantically to express how proud he was of his son (he’s German, it doesn’t come all that easily).

Also, for loyal blog followers, Scott and I pulled an audible and decided to stay in New York/ Philadelphia an extra week, and go to Israel next week on my dad’s last trip as ADL chair.  My apologies if the blogging has been inconsistent, but we’re a little all over the place.


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