Mercadito to the West Village

October 22, 2009

Scott and I had a great day yesterday walking around New York.  It was fun to be back someplace so familiar, trying to figure out if we could just eat all of our favorite things while traversing downtown.  We started off by his old apartment in the East Village and stopped in at Veselka for some pierogis, then strolled over to Soho, looped around to meet up with Emily, and then went toward 10 Downing and Murray’s Cheese.  After popping into a few bookstores we wound up at Mercadito on B for tacos and then Ryan’s to watch the Phillies beat the Dodgers.

Brazilians have this term saudades, that’s somewhere between longings, nostalgia and missing something.  I definitely have saudades for New York a little bit, and at this point, for Rio, too.


2 Responses to “Mercadito to the West Village”

  1. karla said

    Hey, i know your schedule is tight but let me know if you still around, so i can say hi to you. And, i know what you mean, you are reaching that point that no matter where you live you will always feel “saudades”, for Brazil, NY or both.

  2. Karen said

    Hey!!What about missing Sampa???
    And ..nós sentimos saudades de vocês!

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