Buenos Aires

October 9, 2009

Scott and I arrived in Buenos Aires today.  Its beauty and elegance is mesmerizing–and shockingly different from Brazil.  It’s calm, quiet, leafy, with stretches of green space and marble sculptures, cobble stoned streets and perfect boutiques.  We spent the day walking around noticing a tawny wood balcony spilling over with geraniums here, a sleek restaurant there, the intricacies of the old French-style architecture.  It all felt clean and grand and proud, but still with that laid back Latin-ness.

In fairness, it was a weird day for us.  We woke up early, didn’t eat anything until 4pm because the GOL terminal at Galeao let us down, and I think we’re both a little consumed by our thoughts. It was impossible not to reflect on the last four months in Brazil, thinking about going home (we’re headed to Philadelphia and then New York from here), and being in another city that is at once more familiar (more European, more orderly and manageable) and totally new and exciting.

I spent the day trying to flip from Portuguese to Spanish.  When we arrived in Brazil we spoke far more Spanish than Portuguese, and used it to fill in words we didn’t know.  Now it’s reversed and my first instinct is to say obrigada rather than gracias, to talk to everyone in Portuguese.  The switch is harder than expected, they both now sound right to me.

Our long, meandering walk ended at the BA Marathon Expo, where we got our packets for Sunday’s race.  We’re running the half–which should be an amazing way to see more of the city.  After a little bit of confusion (we signed up online, but weren’t able to pay, so we weren’t in the system, but it worked out after a little while) we’re ready to go, with bright teal Adidas Tank Tops emblazoned with our names on the back.  Don’t even try to stop us.


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