Jogos Olimpicos

October 1, 2009

The Olympics is all the buzz here this week, it’s pretty much all anyone is talking about.  There’s so much anticipation and energy, and I think a feeling that Rio really should win, but there’s a little bit of hesitation, too.  There’s no question that it’s exactly what Rio would need to become a really world class city.  The billions of dollars that would pour in for infrastructure would be an incredible asset, but the educated Brazilians that we’ve talked to feel a little bit burned by 2007’s PanAmerican games, where the government over promised and under delivered.

It’s pretty cool here now, though, with a huge venue set up on Copa for the announcement.  They have screens and acts planned.  It feels like a special time.  The video for the 2016 bid is pretty damn cool, too.

On a side note, we took a helicopter ride today.  From Morro de Urca we went around Sugar Loaf, then up to the Corcovado, over Rocina, and to the beaches.  It was indescribable.


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