Sunburnt Wine

September 28, 2009

Scott and I met a friend from our PUC class for coffee today (don’t worry dear parents, I didn’t break the fast, just chatted).  It was nice to see him and catch up, and he filled us in on how much of a pain it has been to get a Stable Union visa.  He’s Swedish and his girlfriend is Brazilian and the lawyer that they hired sent in a template sheet instead of a sheet containing his information.  Amateurs.  He was a sommelier in Stockholm before he moved here, and had spent years working at starred restaurants and hotels in Europe before that. We were asking him what he thought of Brazilian wine and I love the way he described it: he said that the grapes taste sunburnt.

He’s also one test short of completing his official sommelier training or whatever (it’s three hours of written exam and then two hours of blind tastings), but was telling us about the highest level of sommelier-ry–the wine masters.  Apparently there are only 250 or so in the entire world.


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