Sao Paulo by the Books

September 25, 2009

Wheels have been turning over here on Rua Dias Ferreira.  We love our Time Out guide for Rio, so we thought we’d go in search of one for Sao Paulo (even though we have access to the best tour guides around, family).  We went into four of Rio’s big, gorgeous book stores and perused the extensive guide book sections.  It turns out that no one in Rio carries guide books for Sao Paulo.  We asked at Travessa and the man working there said “Acho que nao,” I don’t think we have a Sao Paulo guide book.  “Por que?” Scott asked.  “Ninguem vai.”   No one goes. As you can tell from my previous blog posts, I love Sao Paulo.  It was just sort of amusing to not find a SINGLE guide book for a city of twenty million people anywhere in a city that’s forty minutes away by plane.


One Response to “Sao Paulo by the Books”

  1. Edite said

    Olá Brooke&Scott G´mar Hatimá Tová!Saudades de vcs. I certainly Do have a São Paulo guide book.!
    “ninguem vai”, nem precisa, já temos gente boa o suficiente aqui, a nossa Capital é o melhor lugar do mundo! Beijos Edite

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