Carioca Hiatus

September 16, 2009

I decided at the last minute to make a quick trip to New York this weekend.  My entire family–both brothers and their wives, my nephew, my grandma Janice and my Grandpa Rudy are all going to be there, we’re doing an unveiling for my Grandma Esther and I didn’t want to miss anything.

While I’m, of course, super excited to see everyone (ecstatic!) I feel weird about going home.  I wasn’t ready yet.  We just got here, and we had planned all along to go home together in October.  I know that I’m not banished here in Brazil, that planes fly here and back to New York and all over the place just like they always have.  There’s nothing sticking me to this spot.  It’s just strange.  There’s a part of me that thinks this whole Brazilian life is so fragile that it might just slip away in the few days that I’m gone.  Scott and I have talked so much about the things at home that we’re so excited to re-experience together (Seeing all of our family and friends, speaking Portuguese like it’s our secret code, General Tso’s, Momofuku pork buns,) that it’s weird to be going back without him.  I’m flying through Houston.  I’m not sure I’ve ever flown through Houston before, but I’m not ready for the super-sized American-ness of it (especially when I’m generally mad at Republicans for making the Health Care bill so watery and disappointing).

I’m sad I’ve given up the opportunity to spend the Jewish holidays in Sao Paulo, eating Brazilian food rather than stuffed cabbage. (Karen, Elen and Edite, I will email you as soon as I’m done writing this.)  All of this said, getting over my idea that going home is a weakness, when it’s just a choice to get on an airplane, I can’t wait to see everyone, to hug parents and my whole family, to run around Larchmont and hear first hand what’s going on with everyone not through skype.

Since Scott’s still going to Sao Paulo I’m going to try to guilt him into guest blogging for me.  We’ll see if it works.


2 Responses to “Carioca Hiatus”

  1. Edite said

    Que pena, Brooke!
    Queriamos tnto que você viesse para São Paulo, tinhamos até planejado uma surpresa para Bob ep1vc.
    Mas, tudo bem vamos ter Scott, por enquanto…
    Beijos com saudades , Shana Tova para todos, breve retorno………….Edite e Paulo

  2. Giovanna said

    I was waiting for you! Too bad u can’t make it!
    Hope u’ll have fun back there!
    Shaná Tová, um ano muito bom e doce pra vc!
    Beiijos, saudades

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