September 14, 2009

It’s been challenging cooking in Brazil. We don’t really have the right tools, and it’s been hard to find reliable meat, or fish, we don’t have sharp knives or good cheese, and only one baking sheet, one small pot, one big pot and a small frying pan.  We recently bought a George Foreman which has made an enormous difference. Tonight we managed to cook two good dinners, since we felt like having different things (chicken and sweet potato fries for me, steak, rice and farofa for Scott).  Everything came out well, at the same time.  A feat in this small, hot Brazilian kitchen for sure.



I also found out this morning that I can’t really apply for a Fulbright, which stinks.  Since I will have already been here for a year at the earliest possible time the grant would start, I will have already had too much expertise.  I was told that I would “not be a competitive candidate.”  If anyone has any suggestions about different kinds of grants that I might be able to apply for, I’m all ears.  Please send them my way.


One Response to “Success”

  1. karen said

    Scott is addicted to Farofa!!
    You´ll have farofa on Thursday!!hehehe

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