September 10, 2009

Scott and I just got back from twenty-four hours in Petropolis,t he mountain town put on the map by Emperor Pedro II, who built his summer residence in the “Imperial City” when it was too hot in Rio.  The town itself is quite cute, with canals running throughout and grand old buildings.  It still has the ubiquitous Brazilian things–pe sujos and lanchenettes, drug stores and hardware stores, but it was a nice change from the city.

One of the best things about being in Brazil during the low season is getting to stay in very nice hotels for not very much money.  We stayed at the Solar do Imperio, which had an amazing lawn and this beautiful patio.


We went to the Imperial Palace, a lovely home if you’re into that sort of thing.  It had some crown jewels, a bunch of old furniture, some really fantastic floors.  The most interesting pieces were a print of what Copacabana looked like in the mid-1800s and a full family tree of the Portuguese/Brazilian royal family, including people like the Princess of Saxony.  Wandering around the house with funny slippers that fit over our flip flops, it was hard not to think that an actual family lived their life there, and they probably never dreamed that some American jerks would be critiquing their taste in dining room tables.


There wasn’t much else of note.  We had a mediocre dinner at Luigi’s, an Italian restaurant, and hung out on the veranda for most of the night.  This morning we visited Santos Dumont’s house.  Santos Dumont is coined the “Father of Brazilian Aviation,” and had a number of really remarkable sky bound accomplishments. (Sorry, Karla, for not being more rigorous with my research).


2 Responses to “Petropolis”

  1. karla said

    Hey Brooke,
    i’ve been reading your blog, it’s really interesting!
    Glad you are exploring Rio. Next time try to go to Itaipava, there’s not much to look, it’s more a romantic place to go (better during the winter)
    I just noted some little mistakes on your post about Santos Dumont. hopw you don’t mind if i correct it. He was actually born in Brazil and died before 1950’s. And as every Brazilian, we claim that he was the first man to fly in an airplane, but that’s a long discussion… hehe.
    oh, another area to go, if you want some tips is Visconde de Mauá.

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