The Usual

September 8, 2009

I spent this morning researching roof gardens in preparation for my afternoon call.  About half way through, somewhere between learning about hydroponics and the safety requirements of improved roofs in Toronto, I realized I hadn’t eaten and went down the street to our closest juice bar.  It’s not the best one, since our fan favorite closed for renovation, but it’s now the closest one.  The guy looked at me and said “the usual?” and I nodded.  I never even achieved this sort of status with any establishment in New York.

I was then only tripped up by trying to eat enough of the açaí so I could put a lid on it to take it home before it melted too much, pushing the hair out of my face (it was super windy this morning) and not spilling my granola, which I like to add little by little so it doesn’t get soggy.


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