September 5, 2009

I made my first attempt at baking in Brazil today.  Last night Scott and I were both craving American-style chocolate chip cookies.  They’re something I’ve made a million times at home, but after going into about five different kitchen and housewares stores here, I couldn’t find measuring cups anywhere.  Today I broke down and figured I would just eye-ball the amounts in a juice class.  I went to the Zona Sul and found baking soda and vanilla (that smells more like Duncan Hines yellow cake mix) and granulated brown sugar and tried my best.  Mixing the ingredients in our one big aluminum pot (we don’t have big bowls) I smashed the butter with the sugar, and, as a holdover from our landlady’s two-year-old grandchild who lived here before us, I used a sippy cup with milliliter markings on the side for measurements.

We didn’t have cookie sheets, so I put the whole thing in a pyrex baking dish, and out came passable blondies.  Not perfect, but a pretty good first attempt.


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