A Return to Normalcy

August 30, 2009

Scott and I had a lovely, productive day.  We woke up, went for a six mile run to Copa, had some açaí, and set to work.  He commandeered the dining room table, covered it with draft lists and chose his fantasy football team.  I spent the afternoon exploring the world of urban agriculture while sitting on our narrow deck, feet propped up on a plastic chair while reading article after article on the internet.  We went for a walk on the beach in the late afternoon, had a snack, went to Devassa to watch Botafogo tie again, went to a wine bar in Jardim Botanico for dinner.  It feels settled.

We copped to homesickness. Not real homesickness, but missing little things, a richness of life that we had in the US that we don’t have here.  It’s so pleasant, so easy, but not full.  We think it would be different in Sao Paulo, it was definitely not the case in New York, where we had tons of friends and family around, and would not be the same in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, maybe San Francisco.  We keep all of this in mind as we think through the next months, the next years, trying to figure out how this goes, what happens next.


One Response to “A Return to Normalcy”

  1. Emily said

    i know what its like to be with scott in brazil during fantasy football season…you have my deepest sympathy!

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