PUC: Part 2

August 19, 2009

I started Portugues Para Estrangeiros: Nivel 2 yesterday.  It’s a different show than the Nivel 1 Intensivo.  It meets three times a week from 5 to 7pm for a whole semester.  The campus is filled with students–a big change from our early morning classes during the off season.  They hang out like they’re in a Brazilian Beverly Hills 90210: near the açaí stand, around the pasteis vendors outside the back gate, sipping coffee by the coffee bar.  They chat and laugh and it’s a reminder that we need to work harder to make friends here.

On the first day, the main office told me three different rooms to go to for the class, in two different buildings, with a lot of stairs in between.  I wound up first at nivel 3, and then at a calculus class (definitely not the right place), and then finally in the right sala da aula.  The group is made up mostly of women who are married or engaged to Brazilian men.  There are a few women who are working here (yup, so far all women, until Scott comes with me).  It’s interesting to hear people’s stories, and mostly to pretend I understand everything that the 26-year-old teacher is saying (and since when am I older than my teachers?).  It’s the right move for me, since speaking Portuguese is important here, but it’s funny being a student again, at someone else’s universidade.


One Response to “PUC: Part 2”

  1. laura said

    Chamo-me Laura, sou Italiana e estou para ir en rio de janiero para ficar algumos meses. O meu namorado j° fica desde janeiro por trabalho. Eu ja falo bastante portugues mas è muito que nao falo e queria fazer um courso para trainar-me. Vocé que acha do curso no PUC? Agora esto pesquisando a melhor soluçao. Tambem gosteria fazer uma aula onde posso encontrar outros estrangeiros…
    Posso pedir tambem si for caro o curso no PUC?

    Muito obrigada pela ajuda
    gostei imenso de ler o vosso blog!!!

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