Jardim Botanico: Part II

August 19, 2009

With having visitors come repeat visits to Rio’s sights.  Chris, Jaime and I went back to the Jardim Botanico a few days ago and took a different route than I originally took with Scott.  It was much sunnier.  We perused the medicinal/kitchen garden which has the potential to be really cool, considering how many medicinal plants grow in the Amazon and are unique to Brazil.  The garden’s about 30% as cool as it could be with a little bit more meticulous care.


IMG_0128We also saw a girl get hit by a car, and it instilled a new sense of needing to be very careful.  We were all waiting to cross the street by the lagoa, and the girl was on her bicycle.  The light turned yellow and the car in the far lane slowed and stopped.  She starting going, and the car in the close lane kept going and hit her front tire.  Luckily she was okay and just a little shaken up, but it was scary for sure.  She was able to peddle away with just a few bruises.  We’ve been exceedingly careful since them.  Also, because I was not a prepared tour guide, I didn’t know exactly where we were going and we overshot the Jardim, allowing us to wander through a really beautiful part of the neighborhood.


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