August 14, 2009

The owner of our apartment and a man in shorts and a tank top are standing in our kitchen taking apart the inner workings of the freezer section of our new refrigerator.  We’re not sure why we got a new refrigerator.  I came home yesterday and there was a refrigerator in the hallway in front of our door.  The landlady came by some hours later to tell us it was for us.  There was nothing wrong with the old refrigerator, it was just smaller, and the explanation for the new one was simply that this one is bigger.  It’s less nice, not as new, and the freezer sounds (or sounded–depending on what happens after they put it back together) like an airplane taking off.  They keep rifling through their fraying brown canvas bag of tools looking for the right thing.  I hope that it’s in there.  After three hours of hanging out in apartment waiting them to finish, I think we got a bum deal.


One Response to “Geladeira”

  1. eileen said

    Hey! I found you via Matador. I live in Chile, where this type of thing would be sure to happen, except that most apartments don’t come with a fridge, you have to bring your own. Looking forward to hearing more of the northern hemispherian moves to the southern hemisphere stories from your side of the continent! Hope they found the right “tool!”

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