Smart vs. Beautiful and Leaking Bathrooms

August 13, 2009

It was nice coming back to Rio.  The sun shines, the flip flops go back on, the waves crash.  I said while I was in São Paulo that living in Rio is like dating a gorgeous girl who’s not that bright.  When the sun shines the right way, when her hair catches the light, she’s so beautiful that nothing matters and you love her.  When she’s in a bad mood, or having a bad hair day, the beauty gets boring and you need more substance.  São Paulo is like the complex, very pretty girl that takes a while to get to know, to figure out.

Today was a perfect Rio day, super bright and sunny. I ran errands in preparation for the arrival of our guests on Saturday and cleaned, picked up a few things.  And most importantly made sure that our guest bathroom is back in working order–which it is, good as new.  We came home last night after four days away to water coming from the ceiling.  Not just a scant drip, but a serious downpour through the vent and the light fixture.  We called the guy we pay rent to, but he was not around, and so we asked the doorman to come help.

As an aside–our doorman is awesome.  He has dark hair and a bushy mustache, and in his uniform looks something like a perfect caricature of a fellow who saves the day.  We have amiable conversations where he asks me about running (I’m pretty sure he thinks of me as the girl who runs) and he and Scott have casual futebol banter.  I think he’s amused by us in general, the wacky young couple from the US.

He came up to help and asked if we had a flashlight.  No luck.  A ladder?  Again, no luck.  He went and got one, and said that the pipes in the building are acrylic and sometimes burst.  Bad luck for our guests.  Turns out something happened in the apartment above us (not sure what it was, as the water just started dripping more slowly and eventually stopped).  This morning our doorman said something to Scott about the bombeiros (firemen), but we’re not really sure what.  Anyway, it’s all fixed, the bathroom is again clean, and crisis was averted at Rua Dias Ferreira 199.  We think, we didn’t really get that part about bombeiros.


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