August 13, 2009

Scott and I went to a well known kilo restaurant in Leblon for dinner.  Fellini wins Veja awards (the local weekly magazine of things going on about town) year after year and we thought we should try it out.  Kilo restaurants are a very Brazilian thing, and when we first got here, I thought they were actually synonymous with churrascurias, where waiters go around with platters of meat.  They’re actually totally different–they’re buffet restaurants–like going to the self-service section of Whole Foods, with salads and meat and rice and beans and dessert. There are many of them everywhere, and some are good and some are gross.

Fellini was, by all Rio accounts, famous.  We walked in and  scoped out the place.  It was very bright.  Bright florescent lighting, average wooden tables with chairs.  Kind of like the dining sections of any deli in New York.  We grabbed our plates and filled them, they were weighed and the prices were stuck to our piece of paper (you get everything, order drinks and it all gets marked on a piece of paper and you pay at the end).  We sat and looked around, noting that this sort of place in the US would be filled with the overweight, the sad, the lonely, those in a hurry, parents with impatient children who couldn’t sit properly on a chair.  Here it was just like any other restaurant–good looking middle aged couples sipping wine, a youngish woman eating sushi, a couple of 20-something guys who had just worked out at the gym next door.  It evoked (now that I’m thinking about Mad Men) old school cafeterias in New York more so than buffet restaurants in the United States now–The Golden Corrals of the country.  The food was good, very fresh, and pretty cheap.


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