Praça da Luz and Liberdade

August 12, 2009

I got to see another side of São Paulo today.  My friend Rebecca and I took the metro (very efficient in this traffic-choked metropolis) to the Praça da Luz.  The architecture in that part of town is old and elegant, and in the case of the main train station, beautifully restored.   There’s a pretty park, and the whole feel of it is at once a little washed up and seedy, combined with old school glamour.  We went to the Museu da Língua Portuguesa, and then to the Estação Pinacoteca.  It was a wide open space (below) with galleries all around.  The special exhibit today was of a giant (truly huge, taking up more than one room) stuffed whale, made out of denim.  Next we headed to São Paulo’s little Japan and wandered in and out of Asian groceries.  It was not quite as consuming as New York or San Francisco’s Chinatowns, but it was nice to eat some Asian food and see a different scene.

Our day was capped off by a lovely visit with all of the cousins, where we were graciously treated to coffee and fantastic sweets (and a peak at Elen and Ricardo’s art collection, which beats any museum in Brazil).  I can’t wait to go back and see them again and explore the rest of this city and its neighborhoods, like Moema, which Scott and I barely saw, as we cruised through for dinner last night.


One Response to “Praça da Luz and Liberdade”

  1. Barbara said

    Brooke- Thanks so much for the blog. It makes me feel that you and Scott are not quite so far away! I look forward to reading your posts each night!
    Love to you both!

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