Minha (São Paulo) Familia

August 12, 2009

To put faces with all of the people who made São Paulo so wonderful, here are a few pictures.  First the adults and then the kids.  Because Elen was the photographer, she’s not in any of the pictures, but I’m still hoping to have Giovanna (or Karen) send me a few of hers, since they were also beautiful.

IMG_7451 (2)-1

From left: Andre, Paulo, Karen, Scott, me, Edite

Mark, Scott, me, Giovanna and Alan

Mark, Scott, me, Giovanna and Alan


5 Responses to “Minha (São Paulo) Familia”

  1. elen said

    It was a pleasure to have you with us here.
    You”re always welcome.
    beijos, elen.

  2. Karen said

    Somebody is going to be jealous but ..there’s
    a Jamie’s/Brooke’s room at my place now!!
    Sending the pictures soon!
    Enjoy some more of the ” beautiful-girl” city and
    come back to “intelligent one”

    • meninanorio said

      We’ll share the room : ) Thank you again for everything and we’ll hopefully see you in September. The beautiful city is still beautiful, but I loved every second in SP. Beijos to you and the whole family.

  3. edite said

    Olá Brooke, adorei saber que faço parte de sua família.
    Beijos ao Scott também. Quando voltam?
    Saudades. Edite

    • meninanorio said

      Nao posso esperar para voltar. Muito, muito obrigada para voce, e toda a familia. Eu adoro sua familia e sentei agradavel demais.

      Todos minutos eram increivel. Estou seria, escribe para meu blog, por favor! Beijos,

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