August 7, 2009

Scott had a good Brazil moment a few days ago.  He went to the drugstore to buy new deodorant on his way home from work.  The store wasn’t crowded, but there was one woman working all three cash registers.  At the first, an ancient woman was trying to write a check to pay for a tube of Chapstick.  She kept making mistakes, ripping up the check and starting again.  At the next register, there was a woman buying two dozen individually wrapped bars of soap.  She and the cashier had to count them all, and then the soap was swiped, bar by bar, through the scanner.  The woman at register number three, after the check lady and the soap hoarder, was paying all in nickels, sitting at the counter counting her change.  It was a lot to go through for one deodorant.  But hey, it’s Rio, no one’s ever really in a rush to go anywhere.


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